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January 18th, 2007

01:47 pm - Anyone need a job?
Interesting new site for anyone looking for a job...or MIGHT ever be looking for a job in South Florida. Not sure if they're based in Florida or not, but they do have a lot of referrals to Florida employers. Neat idea.


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July 24th, 2006

09:50 am - Anyone using Erick Runyon?
Hi there,

I have never posted on here but I am on the WCF board...I just scrolled through these reviews and saw the one about Erick last year. I'm having issues right now with him, but that incident sounds horrible! It seems like this site doesn't get a lot of traffic but if anyone knows something about that, can you please give me some information? I think I made a big mistake :(

Thanks so much.

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April 1st, 2006

02:57 pm
Hey! I am so glad I found this site! I just got married last weekend in Sarasota, although we live in A2. I just wanted to give some great reviews for vendors, and some so-so reviews as well.

Great vendors:
It was a destination sort of thing with 45 family members and we all stayed at the Wellesley Inn and Suites. Soo great- they gave us a good deal and when it turned out the renovations weren't done he dropped the price even more. As stated, there was a bit of a renovation/construction thing going on, but it wasn't problematic and the staff were superb. Also, the free breakfasts were really tasty and the rooms looked nifty.

We did our wedding dinner/reception at Fred's Restaurant. It was AMAZING. The food was so tasty, the wine was delicious. The staff, however, was the most outstanding. They arranged the room as we'd requested and were just so fun and accomodating. I can't say enough good things about Fred's- our guests raved about it days afterward.

Ana Molinari's TJ Hutchinson, who did my hair and make up, and their staff who did my bridesmaids and mother's hair were really professional and experienced. Everything was done on time too!

Cafe Bijou was the site of our rehearsal dinner- again, a great restaurant. We were a big group, but they accomodated us in a separate and intimate part of the cafe. The food was FANTASTIC and when we complained that the AC was too cold, they turned it down for us. Yay!

Our photographer was Andrea Hildebrand. She was a bit bossy, but otherwise did what we wanted/requested. We still haven't seen the shots, so we'll see.

So-so vendors:
I ordered my flowers from ProFlowers. Big mistake. Some of them wilted the second day and when we asked them to be replaced, we ended up with CARNATIONS sent to us. NOT cool. Apparently they wanted to fix the mistake, but it has been a week and still no word on how I will be repaid for their mistakes (which we had to fix, rather last minute).

We did our church wedding at Church of the Cross. It was fine. Nothing super wonderful, but nothing bad either.

Selby Gardens was our site for the photos after our weddings. It was crowded and we had to move around alot because of the different groups moving about. Still, very pretty and our guests liked to wander. We haven't seen the pics, yet, so who knows.

We were happy with everything at our wedding! So fun! :)

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March 9th, 2006

09:28 pm - YAY!!! hi everyone
i just added myself to this community, i didn't even know you guys were on LJ. Just wanted to say hello & that fi & i are waiting on pizza while i fry my brain on college algebra.....exciting, hope everyone is having a good evening
Current Mood: boredbored

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06:12 pm - Mark w/ Action Cam Videography
I live in Atlanta and I was married on Anna Maria Island, Florida. I hired Mark based on recommendations from the Knot. We were married on November 5, 2005.

He was with us for 10 hours of 'unlimited footage'. Prior to the wedding, he agreed to send me an unedited version for our reception in Atlanta. when we returned from our honeymoon I contacted him about it. He claimed to have no memory of this agreement. After much discussion he finally agreed to send it. After viewing it I was livid. His footage was unprofessional tosay the least. The footage was minimal at best. He missed so many important moments. He filmed me getting ready for literally two shots. 5 seconds of me puttng makeup on and 20 seconds of my holding my boobs while they zipped my dress. That was it,I am not exaggerating in the least. There was no footage of my husband getting ready, even though he left my hotel to go do this. He taped out entire ceremony from behind my husband...the only footage I have is of my face...nothing of my husband, guests, bridal party...nothing! There was also nothing of my reception except from one vantage point on the dance floor.

I promptly emailed him and requested a refund in the cost of the price to have the footage edited. I told him I would never watch this again, so it didn't matter if it was edited. He agreed, telling me he knew he hadn't done a good job! He told me he was sick on our wedding day so moving around was 'hard on him'. He told me there was no footage of my husband getting ready because he went to sleep in his car between taping me and when he was supposed to be taping my husband before the ceremony started. He agreed to edit it for free.

When I received the edited DVD I immediately watched it. It started skipping during our first dance and then completely shut off during my father's speech. I tried all the DVDs and they did the same thing at the same spots, it wasn't the DVD's it was his editing. He didn't even preview them before sending them to me. After contacting him he told e he would re-edit them. Then he emailed me and asked me to send back the edited DVD. I sent that back about a month ago. I contacted him last week to check on the status of our DVD. I had to email him again this week because I did not hear back. Then I got a response saying he had not received my package. I have a confirmation of delivery. He also said that he hoped I sent the raw footage back because he had dumped my footage from his computer.

I understand that people get sick. But his lack of professionalism has far extended one day of sickness. Perhaps he did do a great job for some people, but if I could do it again I wouldn't be willing to take that risk. No matter how good a job he is capable of, the risks for problems are too high....He has no back up person, his work ethic did not extend to working even when he isn't feeling well, he keeps no backup of the footage in case there is a problem and He doesn't review the DVDs before he sends them.

I hope this is helpful to those of you looking into hiring an affordable videographer! Keep looking there are better vendors out there! Email me if you have addittional questions mrsflpflops@ yahoo dot com.

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February 23rd, 2006

03:13 pm - Reception Site reviews
Hey All...

I just got engaged, so the planning is still in its primary stages. I have been using the knot like crazy & I was wondering if anyone had any reviews on the following hotels...

SInce I am still a new member at the knot, it wont let me post yet

Tampa Marriott Waterside
Renaissance Vionoy St. Pete
Marriott Clearwater Sand Key
Sheraton Tampa RIverwalk
Sheraton Suites Tampa

Thanks in advance!!

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November 30th, 2005

08:54 pm - Vendor Reviews for 11.26.05 Wedding
The following are my reviews for my wedding vendors. I will say that once you read the feedback on Tamra, know that I tried to be as fair and honest as I could. I later learned that a post was made in regards to me, "her employer", on the date of my wedding and then later DD'd. I never had any "unreal expectations" and as outlined by her services e-mail, I can tell you exactly what was and wasn't done. I tried to be the better person and not slander someone on The Knot but sadly, it was I who got the short end of the stick.

I am not a bridezilla. I have a vision and have worked on this wedding for a year. Anyhow, here are the reviews, feel free to ask questions, you can contact me at: berniandchadwedding@hotmail.com

Venue-Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club, Sarah Desgrez, Ashley Vestrand, and Frank (The Banquet Manager):
I am very disappointed in LWR. The food was excellent and so with that I am pleased. My disappointment comes in the fact that at the end of the ceremony, we did a group shot of the BP and all of our guests. As people were leaving to go into the reception, the BP and family members were getting ready to shoot the pictures, we were scheduled to do pictures from 11-12. The sprinklers on the lawn where we had the ceremony went off and everyone was sprayed with water. Instruments, music sheets, people, me were all getting wet. This caused frenzy amongst the guests to get out of the way. The children were crying and people were pushing. I was shocked and crying and unable to get out of the crowd.

The water covered everything and stayed on for about five minutes. The dye on the girls’ shoes ran and the shoes were ruined. Due to sprinklers going off, the ground was soaked and we couldn’t do pictures where we had planned. We tried to find an alternate location, but had to deal with golf carts passing through about every minute or so. The ground that we found was muddy and uneven. The other problem was that in the alternate locations, the sun was in a place that was undesirable for photos. Jason couldn’t shade the light for everyone. We decided to do pictures at the end of the reception. Our going inside occurred at 11:45 and we didn’t get to take any shots.

The sprinklers messed with the logistics of the day’s timeline. Doing photos AFTER the wedding when everyone was tired, sweaty, etc. was not a good idea. Chad and I didn’t get to do private moments, the children were cranky and the RB was asleep and so wasn’t in the pictures. We only got a few posed shots and I wanted photojournalistic candid type shots opposed to traditional and we weren’t able to do that.

And we had planned to go with Jason to The Don Cesar to do beach shots with Chad and me but by the time we got there, we only had about 10-15 minutes left of sunlight so we were unable to do the pictures that we wanted.

We called LWR and while they apologized, they refuse to refund any money. I feel that they owe us photographer’s fees since the photos are unable to be done and they should pay for the shoes that were ruined.

Also instead of remembering the ceremony, people will remember the sprinklers going off. The man in charge told Chad that they never go off during the day and that they couldn’t refund our money because they provided us a service and had staff to pay. We are still working on this situation and intend to follow through even if it means going to court.

Day of Wedding Coordinator-Tamra Krall:
Initially, I was highly pleased with working with Tamra. She seemed to be able to understand my vision and enthusiasm being a fellow knottie. However, I think that life and personal factors got in the way of her being able to perform certain tasks that I felt were crucial to insuring that the day came off smoothly.

She was very slow to return e-mail. I had tried to get a hold of her several times before I left for Chicago and was unsuccessful. Chad did get her on the phone and gave her the information that she had asked for from LWRCC. I felt that we should’ve met one time before the wedding and rehearsal but we didn’t. Due to an accident on the interstate she was late to the rehearsal but so were about three other people so that wasn’t her fault. However, when she arrived and passed out bridal party folders, my name was misspelled. She had misspelled it once before when she met with Chad, mom, and I and I had corrected the spelling for her. The misspelling of my name on ALL of my bridal party folders gave me a bad feeling.

Due to the holiday, etc. we only met briefly at rehearsal and then the day of. I felt that she didn’t follow through with my vision like she should’ve. She decorated the cake with the ribbon in the wrong fashion. Instead of doing the Tiffany Box cake, she used the cake that was in the picture for the Cake Table inspiration. I asked that certain things be done and they either weren’t done or done poorly and in an untimely fashion. I mentioned to her on Friday at the rehearsal that I wanted someone to make sure that the stone was clean because there were muddy water puddles at the bottom of the staircase where I would walk, and she agreed that it would be done and was important so that my dress didn’t drag through the mud prior to the ceremony. However, when I came down the staircase, the muddy water was there and my shoes and dress did have to go through it. I could feel mud splattering on my legs as I walked with my dad.

The guestbook frame was not put out to be signed by the guests before hand like it was supposed to. It was out for display BUT still had the protective sheeting on the plexiglass that came with it when purchased. I hadn’t removed it so that it wouldn’t get scratched before hand. I put all the items necessary for the guestbook frame and Polaroid guestbook. It was labeled on the outside and listed all the contents. Also, I put notes in each box with instructions since I felt that we didn’t get to cover last minute details and I was worried about how things would be handled with a brief time to set up, etc. When asked why the guests didn’t sign before the ceremony, she told my mom (I think it was mom) that the pens weren’t in the box and that is not true. I put ALL the pens for the frame and then the guestbook in each box along with the note explaining which pens were to be used where.

I feel like she let me down. It is her job to help ease tension on a bride’s day, yet I felt that I had to worry about little details that I shouldn’t have had to worry about. She should’ve been the one to contact Publix about the cake being wrong not a friend, yet she said that it was too late and the cake looked fine. I gave mom a list of things that still needed to be done after I walked the ballroom so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I found the list crumpled up on a table outside of the ballroom near the Polaroid guestbook and frames with some items still undone. That was disappointing.

In addition, on the Monday before both the photographer and DJ called about timelines for the wedding which I didn’t have access to since I hadn’t received them from her. I created a rough timeline for them but both of them had said that they hadn’t heard from her. I am not sure where the mix-up was but it wasn’t done when it should’ve been.

I know that I am very particular and planned a theme and most knotties know that so I am unsure why she didn’t realize that. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend her services to anyone because I could’ve done that job or delegated it for free to someone else. I am not going to grade this vendor since I feel it unnecessary.

Florist-Oneco Florists, Kathy Gorris:
Reasonably priced, easy to work with. The florist let me tell her what I wanted and she went with that instead of trying to talk me into something else. The flowers were beautiful, my bouquet was amazing. The only snafu was that my toss bouquet was supposed to be three smaller bouquets that would appear to be one but that would “magically” break apart when thrown, this didn’t happen, but they throw in the toss for free.
I also didn’t like how they had set the centerpieces but had them move it to how I had envisioned it and they were more than accommodating. I definitely was more than happy with their work and pleased for what we paid. Overall: A

Photographer- Jason Angelini:
As if I couldn’t rave about Jason enough, he is just simply a doll to work with. His easy going nature puts guests, bridal party, and the couple at ease. He remains professional yet also adds a personal caring touch which in a vendor is important. There were things beyond Jason’s control about the photograph session that I won’t mention at the moment. AGAIN, THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM…HE IS AWESOME! They had to do with lighting, location, etc.

He went with us to the Don Cesar to do beach shots AFTER the wedding. You couldn’t ask for a better photographer! Overall: A++++++++

Cake-Lakewood Ranch Publix:
I am not sure what happened here but the woman who I had been dealing with for months was not the one who did our cake or delivered it. She was supposed to be the one though. The cake that was delivered was not the cake that I had ordered. I saw the cake about an hour or so before the ceremony and freaked. My mom’s friend called LWR Publix and they came back out to fix the cake. They were quick and accommodating on their part, but from my perspective, they should’ve been accommodating considering the cake wasn’t right. The price was reasonable but I wasn’t impressed with the fact that they lost the photo of the cake, the color was uneven, and the sheet cake was MIA. I am still dealing with this issue, so will give final grade when finished.

DJ-Grant Hemond, Rob Volmar
Rob called the week of the wedding. He was nice and followed my playlist to a tee without straying at all. However, he did let things drag on for a bit too long. Guests had started leaving and the cake hadn’t been cut nor had the dollar dance been done. He then proceeded to do THREE songs for the dollar dance!!!! I felt that he should’ve paid attention to what was happening instead of focusing only on the guests dancing. It would’ve helped with the fluidity of the reception. The guests did like him and he was personable and fun for them. Overall: B-

Hair/Make-up: The Yellow Strawberry (University Parkway location), Crystal:
After things with my original make-up artist fell through, I was telling my stylist about it and she offered to come into the salon and do us early. She was married on October 15, 2005 and knows the wedding stress all to well. She came in at 7:30 a.m., when the salon normally opens at 9 a.m., even though she had OOT family for the holidays. She did hair and make-up for my mother and me and it was so much less than we thought. My mom tipped her 1/3 of the total cost because we were so thrilled with her work. Everyone commented not only on my style, which was gorgeous but also the color which she did as well. She is amazing and so nice! Overall: A+++++

Pre-Wedding Hotel (for Bride)-Comfort Inn and Suites, University Parkway, Sarasota, FL
We blocked rooms here for the OOT guests, we not only got an excellent rate but they also offered me a bigger suite for free if we booked so many rooms, unfortunately the guests lagged in their reservation booking but they gave me the rate of the wedding block. My suite was HUGE! They were so accommodating and allowed me early check-in so that mom could drop off my dress that afternoon before the rehearsal. They were so accommodating and the location was perfect, only about five minutes from the country club. Overall: A+

Wedding Night Hotel-The Don Cesar, St. Pete Beach, FL
Chad and I stayed two nights at the Don Cesar. The staff was more than accommodating, and you can see why they are voted one of the best. I will say that never having stayed at the Don that I was a bit disappointed in the size of the room. Our two night stay there was almost as much as our monthly rent payment and the room was so small. After a day that was a bit trauma filled, a small room was the end all especially considering the size of my room the night before. The staff was awesome though and everyone was so friendly. Highlights: The Angus Burger---the best burger ever!, The Beachfront massage-Chad and I had this done and although the weather was a bit temperamental, it was awesomely relaxing, and the poolside bar, the bartender was so personable and friendly. Overall: (accomodations) C, (staff and ambience) A+

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November 28th, 2005

10:10 pm - Tradewinds Island Grand.. long story
Well, my wedding was about three weeks ago, and the TradeWinds is trying to get more money out of us for a bill, that we paid. They tried to charge it automatically, after speaking to me atnd without my approval, but luckily they had an old card number. I'm getting phone calls from a lady in accounting who will not listen to me when I tell her I have proof that I paid. I have called the director of catering, and he hasn't returned a phone call, and the wedding coordinator is on vacation as usual. I think this is the third time this year she's been on vacation when I needed to talk to her..

I have raved over the Tradewinds, because it really is a cool place, really nice facility, and everyone did enjoy staying there... BUT they really did spread themselves too thin, with 3 weddings on my day..In actuality, I'm still glad that I had it there because of those reasons, but I have to say the service from the wedding staff was pretty sad. I really didn't want to have to think about the negative things, I wanted it to be a happy memory forever, but since they want to fight me for more money when we've paid in full, its making me mad about things that did go wrong... I thought it was so perfect at first but now I'm just picking it apart, to prove my case against them..

I just wrote a long email to the director of catering detailing evertything that went wrong, and why I deserve to get the service charges refunded. 20 percent service charge is standard, but it is meant to be a gratuity for a job well done.

-My guests had to chase down servers for coffee with their cake, it wasn't offered to anyone.

-My boss who was there, sat in a broken chair and fell on his ass in front of everybody.. ok, so I wish I had seen it but, seriously, thats horrible, and I feel horrible about it.

-They put our sweetheart table in the wrong place.. we actually sat with our backs to the entire wedding. I had asked for it in a specific spot, but I guess they forgot.

-They overbooked the hotel, so about six rooms of people for my wedding were moved to the Sirata. Which isn't a bad place at all, but, I blocked rooms at the Tradewinds for a reason. I signed a contract blocking those rooms, why is it ok for them to move them, even if they are comped? COnsequently, six out of town bags were never delivered or received, so they pretty much went to waste, even though I paid to have them delivered, 3$ a bag.

-The bellman whom I spoke to never brought out the linen which was supposed to be on the arch that we built. So, my arch was really naked and not how I planned it at all.

-The wedding coordinator stunk. She took about 2 weeks to answer an email, and even then she would answer about 1 out of 5 questions.

-She neglected to tell me there was a wedding the day before mine, at the same time I had planned the rehearsal, in the same spot. Consequently, 40 people were wondering what was going on when we arrived there, and a wedding was gong on, and it made me lok like an idiot. The wedding coordinator simply forgot to tell me. I would have understood, and planned it a half hour later. No big deal, but she never told me this pertinent information.

I am trying to conserve the good memory of my wedding here... it really wasn't a disaster, but all these things taken together are making me wonder whether I should really recommend this place anymore...

So if you are thinking about the TradeWinds, take into consideration when it is, and what other events are going on that day. Its hard, because at first I was the only one on that day and then others booked. I guess my advice would be that it is a nice location, but if you book there, definitely you own day- of coordinator to ensure that things are set up correctly, and to help the staff at the TradeWinds do their job.
Ok- vent over. If anybody has any questions about this place or what to watch out for in the contract, etc, email me at lanik58@yahoo.com

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November 21st, 2005

01:43 am - Hey everyone...
Don't post on here very often, cannot ever remember how I figure out how to get here whenever I do but here I am with insomnia and my laptop is gonna die soon but miss you all.

jenniloveselvis you especially suck =) miss you on The Knot but see ya soon.

Love ya guys. Berni

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October 12th, 2005

02:59 pm - Vendor Warning Repost from the Knot
From: AmySue2638
Date: 10/12/2005 at 1:34 PM
I just wanted to let anyone who is planning a beach wedding know that Pheobe Tomlinson (aka Almost Heaven Weddings -- http:/
/www.almostheavenweddings.com/) is a complete scam. She is supposedly a photographer and coordinates beach wedding packages for the Tampa/St. Pete area. We hired her to coordinate our wedding, but once she took our $300 deposit she suddenly had no customer service skills and made us feel like we were a nuisance every time we contacted her. Finally she just stopped returning our calls, and we decided the $300 deposit wasn't worth the stress so we hired someone else (Beach Ceremonies by Jules - http
://www.beachceremoniesbyjules.com/ - Julie McCullough is awesome!). Our wedding is 2 weeks away and she still won't call us back. I plan on reporting her to the BBB but I wanted to let others know not to hire her. Does anyone have a vendor warning list that she can be added to?

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